Automation Network X-change (AN-X) is a product family designed by Quest Technical Solutions as a flexible platform for connecting to and monitoring automation networks. Click here for a summary of all the AN-X products.

AN-X connects to a computer or other device (PLC, etc.) via Ethernet, using one of a number of supported protocols. Hardware on the AN-X connects it to the automation network.There are versions of AN-X for a variety of industrial networks.

AN-X also acts as a web server so that any web browser can connect to AN-X to configure it and to view diagnostics and current data.

Product Purchasing

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Automation Network X-change (AN-X) products can be purchased directly from Quest Technical Solutions or through a local distributor. Contact our Sales department for details.

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The payment method for our products include Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

AN-XTM Custom Network Support

QTS can implement custom network solutions using the AN-X platform. Ask sales for details.

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